The Importance of an Ergonomic Workplace
16th November 2017
OG Group

Are office jobs affecting our health and wellbeing?

Due to the advances in modern technology, many of us find ourselves sitting in front of a screen at work for long periods of time. The result of sitting for long hours, 5 or more days a week, has a significant effect on our health and wellbeing. Sitting for long periods of time increases your chances of arthritis, joint pain and diabetes, as well as causing back pain, eye strain, fatigue, poor circulation, unhappiness in the workplace and much more.

Employees who are unhappy at work, or who are suffering from pain, are more likely to take days off sick in comparison to workplaces with a healthy attitude towards ergonomics. Therefore, it is important to address these issues and work towards improving workplace life.

How to improve ergonomics in the workplace

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to improve the health and wellbeing of employees, such as:

  • Ensure you have the correct seating to improve posture
  • Stand up every so often to increase circulation, or work standing
  • Stretch at your desk to increase blood flow around your body
  • Keep feet at a 90-degree angle on the floor, parallel to the hips
  • Take a break to move around the office for an instant energy boost
  • Look away from the screen as often as possible to give your eyes a break


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