Zero Emissions – For A Clearer Conscience…
25th September 2017
OG Group

… & a cleaner, greener city

At OG Group, we’re proud to deliver 100% emission free deliveries in London. With many towns and cities in the UK breaching safe air pollution levels, there has never been a greater time to get on board the green train.

Every year, almost 10,000 deaths in London are related to air pollution – a shocking statistic! This needs to change, which is why we are bringing you the chance to make a real difference. Our electric emission delivery vehicle fleet ensures that Central London businesses benefit from fast, cost effective deliveries; saving the city at the same time.

Why go green?

  • Less emissions help to prevent respiratory illnesses, such as asthma
  • Create a cleaner environment in which to live and work
  • Climate change is happening, and it’s causing devastating consequences around the world
  • Reducing cars on the road means less congestion
  • Electric vehicles on the road means less noise

To find out more about our zero emission deliveries and how you can be a part of it, please call 01483 511411, or email us at

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