Bespoke Deliveries


Delivery to where you want it

All our drivers deliver our customers’ orders to their specified place in their building, as well as taking away any packaging material. If you want a delivery to arrive at your food store, stationery cupboard, copier or desktop, then rest assured, that is where we shall deliver. We are proud to offer such high-quality delivery service to all our customers.

On time and with confidence

All our deliveries are route optimised to meet the tight delivery windows of our customers, as well as ensuring that we minimise our carbon emissions each day. When delivering to schools, we plan our deliveries to avoid break and lunchtimes, as well as making sure that we deliver to barristers’ chambers before the Inns of Court closes. Our delivery fleet leaves at 5.30am each morning to make sure early deliveries are made on time, every time.

As we value the security of our customers’ premises, we make sure that all our drivers are CRC/DBC checked.

Zero emission deliveries

Our London clients can now benefit from zero emission deliveries by a pioneering electric vehicle fleet. We’re working to reduce air and noise pollution, and make the city a cleaner, greener place to live and work.
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