Environment & Stability


ISO 14001 Environmental Management

We place environmental management at the heart of our operations to achieve sustainable success. Our accreditation to this international standard helps us reduce your environmental impact.

Sustainable services for a greener environment

Waste Management & Recycled Packaging

Our waste management programme ensures that waste to landfill is almost eliminated. Our packaging reuse system enables us to almost completely avoid buying new packaging, and every consignment is packed using as much recycled material as possible. We also promote the use of electronic trading with our customers, with 75% of all customer orders being received electronically.

Sustainable Logistics

OG Group is a founding member of Vertical Alliance – an initiative created to reduce pollution, particulate emissions and congestion. Operating throughout London with zero emissions delivery vehicles that run on 100% renewable electricity, OG Group is helping to make London a greener, cleaner, quieter place to be.


Airside Deliveries

Bespoke Deliveries

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Supplier Management

Vertical Alliance

Zero Emissions

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