Supplier Management

To help you consolidate and streamline expenditure...

To help you consolidate and streamline expenditure and as part of OG Group’s Integrated Management System (IMS), our suppliers and supply partners are evaluated to our own IMS Bronze, Silver and Gold Standards.

The primary objective of SUPPEX is to ensure we are able to present the widest range of commercial and environmental options to our clients, underpinned by a clear and demonstrable process of ‘continued improvement’.


denotes supply partners who:

– Use the best sustainability programmes for their business category/ industry sector

– Can trade fully electronically

– Provide data format and updates to allow optimum automation with OG Group’s service platforms

– Consistently achieves or exceeds their SLA’s

– Provides innovation and pro-active development for client-driven improvements


denotes supply partners who:

– Have achieved accredited certification in all key areas

– Robust performance/service level controls in place

– Have clear and tangible supply improvement contributions and processes in place for SLA deliverables and performance reviews


achieves our basic level of supply standard compliance

– Some certification but currently not accredited

– Demonstrates performance/service management and improvement controls are in place

– Is working towards accreditation


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